Welcome to Lenaxis Chits

Lenaxis Chits Private Limited is a registered chit company which provides very attractive investment options as chit schemes to the public for past many years. This benefits all the classes of inhabitants including salaried class, professionals, businessmen and self employed. The uniqueness of chit funds as a mode of financial planning system, is a tool for both saving and borrowing; that is, it serves the dual purpose of being an investment for your savings; and also the subscriber can bid for the prize amount in order to meet any unexpected overheads when required.

The company provides chit schemes with daily installments as less as Rs.20/-; so that even the poorest can afford to save money and borrow safely if required.

Prompt and dependable financial assistance is provided efficiently from the company’s branches any time, to meet the needs of subscribers. Please visit /call any of our branches /offices; and our team would be glad to explain you the various chit schemes /finance available.


  • New branches opened in Bangalore, Kerala & Haryana.
  • Lenaxis is in the process of opening 10 more new branches across India shortly.